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  • PYUR Vitality Is A Premier Cellular Health Product

    Our citrus smoothie flavored, functional beverage has what your cells desperately need to perform. A synergistic blend of the most powerful cellular ingredients.

    Your cells respond fast to Vitality powered by our exclusive QDS Technology. Target your cells to perform at optimum levels and let your body do the rest.

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You Can Have All This and More With Great Cellular Health!

  • PYUR Vitality™ Works

    Supports healthy mitochondrial activity

  • Cellular Level Empowerment

    Supports a natural healthy cleaning process

  • Restoration, Repair and Rejuvenation

    Promotes healthy stem cell production

  • Natural Production

    Helps promote hormonal balance and homeostasis

  • Build a Healthy Long Life

    Support healthy telomere function.

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You are the Sum of Your Cells

Keep them healthy and you will stay healthy.

  • PYUR Vitality™ Supports:


    Cellular Energy

    Eye and Visual Health

    Ability to Focus

    Natural Wound Healing

    Natural Hair Health

    Cardiovascular Health

  • PYUR Vitality™ May Provide Healthy:

    Sleep Patterns

    Musculoskeletal Function

    Sexual Function

    Brain Function/Mental Clarity

    Hormonal Balance

    Joints, Skins, Nails

    Immune System

    Responses to Pain Generators


Our ingredients are synergistically blended to provide optimum results.

Our chemists/formulators physically go to the fields to ensure plants and soils are healthy. Our ingredients are tested and researched to be of the highest efficacy. Pyur Life Labs is located in the USA and is FDA approved and compliant.

The raw materials once collected are then tested for purity. We retest the active compounds at a much higher standard once they reach the Lab. These are all critical steps to ensure your cellular health is attained at the elite level and you feel the effects of this monumental breakthrough in youth science.

Vitality is patent pending and is proprietary only to Pyur Life. Vitality is powered by QDS delivery system ensuring every cell is receiving all the active compounds and targeting specific sequences to occur.

What is in PYUR Vitality

Research in peer review journals state these benefits of each active ingredient.

  • Camellia Sinensis

    *Powerful antioxidant
    *May protect heart health
    *Promote healthy mitrochondria
    *May help regulate blood sugars
    *Supports and may protect stem cells

  • Curcumin

    *Adaptogen (naturally helps the body adapt to stress)
    *Helps to naturally neutralize inflammation
    *Brain Support
    *Heart Support
    *Supports the cell’s natural detoxification process

  • CoQ10

    *May help protect cells in heart and brain
    *May help to stop Statin Induced Myopathy
    *May help with migraine issues
    *May support fertility
    *Promotes healthy lung function
    *Support healthy mitochondria
    *May help protect stem cells and telomeres
    *Supports healthy, vibrant, youthful skin

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine

    *May improve reproductive health
    *Promotes healthy hormone balance
    *May help regulate moods
    *Promotes healthy body weight
    *Promotes healthy mitochondria
    *Supports memory health
    *Helps healthy cognitive function

  • Resveratrol

    *Telomere Support
    *Promotes Healthy Cardiovascular function
    *May help natural Nitric Oxide
    *Promotes healthy hormone balance
    *Promotes healthy blood lipids

  • Mucuna Puriens

    *Supports healthy nervous system function
    *Supports healthy brain function
    *Support natural hormone balance
    *Mitochrondria Support
    *Healthy skin
    *May help reduce inflammation
    *May help with mood regulation
    *Supports healthy metabolism
    *Supports healthy energy levels

  • Quercetin

    *May help suppress inflammation
    *Supports normal immune function
    *Brain Support
    *Supports normal energy levels
    *Supports healthy blood pressure

  • Piperine

    *Supports normal nutrient absorption
    *Supports the cell’s natural detoxification process
    *Strong Antioxidant
    *Supports healthy liver function

  • PYUR Vitality

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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What is QDS?

QDS stands for Quintessential Delivery System. 

We take the best active ingredients from the the best natural sources, and make them available to your cells when and where they’re needed most. After experiencing amazing results, our friends always ask how QDS works. It’s no secret; QDS supports healthy cellular respiration via three important mechanisms.

1.  It supports healthy cellular transport, helping your cells naturally remove debris and toxins that build up as a result of normal aging, environmental exposure, and free radicals.  Cellular transport is a fascinating study on its own.  Nutrients are broken down into useable molecules that have very specific design.  Parts of the molecule can be connected or used to open cellular pathways.  The molecules work their way through the outer membrane, into the parts of the cell where they’re needed.  But along the way, free radicals can cause the molecule to break apart and leave behind unusable bits and pieces.  With time, those pieces can build up inside the cell and disrupt the normal transport mechanisms causing the cellular processes to grind to a halt.  QDS technology helps the body’s natural process of removing the leftover pieces and clear the way for the delivery of fresh nutrients.

2.  QDS works with the body’s natural processes to increase bioavailability. The actives in PYUR Vitality are available from multiple sources in many different forms.  In fact, if you were to purchase the actives that we use in Vitality separately, you’d have to take a lot of pills every day and it would cost significantly more money.  And you wouldn’t get the results you feel with PYUR Vitality.  The reason is that the active molecules in many natural ingredients are not available for your body to use.  They must first be activated by your body’s natural processes before they can do their work.  The process of activation is not very efficient, so a lot of the actives are lost.  This can be partially overcome by increasing the dose, but there’s a limit.  Our team has spent many years researching the natural activation process and have been able to reproduce the optimized results of each active ingredient in PYUR Vitality! 

3.  Once the body has cleaned its cells up and the natural bioavailability has been restored, they’re ready to get to work transforming your natural health.  But there’s just one more thing that needs to happen.  The actives need to get to the right place where they can be delivered and utilized efficiently. PYUR Vitality works with your body’s natural function and processes deliver the key ingredients where they will do the most good.  You will feel the difference!


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Our testimonies are from real people whom have used and are using PYUR Vitality. They are actively living a higher quality of life in our community. These results may not be typical. Always consult your physician before taking PYUR Vitality.

  • Mike, FL.

    My name is Mike Feinberg and I live in Miami, FL. Chronologically, I’m 78 years old, but mentally, I’m still in my 30s.

    On Tuesday 8/27/2019, I had a call with Dr. Teresa Roberson and she confirmed what I suspected. Here’s a little history:

    I had been going to the gym 3-4 days a week until I tripped and fractured my foot about 4.5 months ago. I did get cleared to return to the gym last Tuesday and was there on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Here’s where this story gets interesting.

    While working out BEFORE I got injured, my heart Beats per Minute on the treadmill ranged between 120-130 BPM. When I finished exercising, I was really sweaty and my muscles were achy. That was BEFORE I started taking PYUR Vitality.

    Now, my BPM ranges between 95-105 and I’m not nearly as sweaty nor do my muscles ache when I’m done. I thought this strange and spoke to Dr. Roberson. She relates this directly to having healthy and more vibrant mitochondria.

    Folks, the bottom line…I’m convinced PYUR Vitality is working in our bodies whether we feel it or not!
  • Keith Knudson, North Dakota

    After starting PYUR Vitality on June 21st, I have experienced amazing results.  At age 67 and dealing with diabetes since 2007, I am feeling the best that I have since my 40’s!  My energy level has increased several fold and remains consistent throughout the day… that had been by biggest problem.  Now I sleep so well during the night and ready to go fully energized in the Morning.  Also, I am experiencing so many more benefits such as a lower heart rate, less stress, and better mind clarity & focus.  I am so thankful for this product. This really is a miracle of health and youth!

  • Bill, Philadelphia, PA.

    I joined the PYUR Life Company at its inception. When I first was taking PYUR Vitality my knees stopped hurting and I also noticed my breathing through my nose was clear.

    I have been off of PYUR Vitality for a while and since then the pain has come and gone in my right leg for short periods of time like the juice is still in my system and waiting to receive more soon. I just reordered a half case and can't wait till it comes! Looking forward to the shipment soon!

    Thank you for this product that truly helps me feel better in my Knees!!!

  • Gale, Dalonega, GA.

    My Name is Gale Smith and I'm from Dahlonega, Georgia. I work in Health & Wellness Marketing!
    Before I took this product--- to have energy was a struggle and my sleep was interrupted nightly by bathroom breaks.

    I have a condition in my right eye. It keeps me from driving at night and which brings on stress in my daily vision, focus and clarity! So my time on the computer was limited.

    From the 1st day on Vitality:
    I have had unbelievable energy daily!
    Sleeping longer 8 or more hours - dreams are vivid!
    Clarity to think clearer, focus and see better! Able to sit and work at my computer without the stress in my vision. 
    My sense of Wellbeing is Enhanced - helping me to make better decisions and not get upset at things.

    I am just really blessed to discover this product so early in my life! So very grateful to God for the creation of it!

  • Laurie*

    The first thing that I had an opportunity to experience was the fact that my energy level was enhanced and along with that, interestingly enough, my sleeping patterns were also much more as they were in my youth. I am able to fall asleep much more quickly and sleep through the night. My skin tone is continuously evening out which is absolutely awesome at 60 years young! My hair is thickening and my mental Clarity and calmness are even stronger. As a professional competitive figure skater having my body be at its utmost best is crucial. I had injured myself a year ago in June, in the mid and lower back. It was the worst fall I had ever sustained in the damage that it had done! I was unable to walk normally for a couple of months and the flexibility in the back was completely gone as it felt like everything was completely compressed. The jarring was so bad that my left hip actually lifted roughly an inch. Since using PYUR Vitality the flexibility in my back is where it was many years ago. Definitely a miracle of healing!

    This will potentially be of interest; while working I burnt my lower arm to the point where it actually created a concave situation very raw and looked like it would be difficult for it to heal. The burn was roughly the size of a nickel and within a few days it actually closed up in the concave scenario was completely gone! My husband and I were astonished! I wish I had taken a picture of the burn, not knowing that it was going to heal so quickly. Now a couple weeks later the skin is a healthy pink and looks as if there will not even be any scarring! This may be a phenomenal thing for burn victims to use, as I had thought, I can't believe how painful it must be for them, I have such a small area that is very tender and stinging when many people actually have a large percentage of their body burnt. I am so thankful for this experience as now there is an awareness of what it can actually do for even that type of situation! God bless us all indeed!

    *Results not typical.  Product has not been tested or developed for burn or wound care.

  • Mary and Beau

    As far as how PYUR Vitality and the differences I see in myself, they are subtle yet still noticeable . . . I am pretty healthy to begin with and feel fortunate for that.  I have a clearer mind even when I am tired, also sometimes when I would get stressed with work I noticed my hand sometimes would shake because of frustration, it is funny but they are as calm as could be now, no shaking.  My husband and I have our own small retail Garden Center so we work a lot of hours, non-stop; it is just the way the industry is at certain times of the year, at any rate sometimes at the end of the day I would hold on to the railing to go upstairs just to pull me up a little bit, I am not that old, I am 57 and I noticed that after about a week of taking the PYUR Vitality I wasn't holding the railing anymore, I would just go up the stairs quickly and with no achyness.

    The other quick little story is about our dog, Beau, she just turned 13 years old and she still has alot of life in her, she is a Golden Retriever and super energetic.  She is pretty healthy except for the typical benign cysts that Goldens are known for, fortunately none of them are serious, however a few months ago I noticed she had some type of inflammation in her ear and little by little it was getting bigger, her vet gave her some medication that we used for a couple of weeks and nothing changed, he said they could burn it off but she would have to be put asleep for the procedure and at her age we did not want to do that unnecessarily so I was not sure what to do and then I saw a post that another Ambassador had given the PYUR Vitality to their dog that had some health issues and she posted a before and after picture and I was amazed, so I thought why not try it on Beau, I did the conversion for her weight from what the other Ambassador had given her dog, and came up with that I needed to give her about 13 ml from an eye dropper a day, she is 74 pounds and I am not kidding, within 4 days the growth was gone, I was shocked but thrilled, it was a pretty cool feeling actually.  The following week, we had to take Beau in to the vet to get her annual vaccine for Lyme disease and I showed the vet and he was amazed too, he could not believe it!

    So it goes without saying, it made a believer out of me that this product is helping to improve my health and our dog's health, very thankful!

  • Christine

    I love the difference I am experiencing on the PYUR Vitality lifestyle. Every morning, for the past 2 months, I have savored my PYUR Vitality drink. It has been an awaking of my body to more energy, stamina, strength, indurance, clarity, digestive system improved, sleep, improvement of hair and nails and firming of my skin. There is so much more that is renewing in my body everyday. I will not be without my dailey rejuvenating drink. Try it for yourself , you will recieve what your body has been craving.

  • The Sheldon's Shared Experience

    Mike Sheldon*
    On June 26, 2019, approximately 5:00 pm, when I one of my prosthetics off, the skin on the stump of my leg was split open - about 1/2" in diameter and 1/8" deep.  This can be extremely serious.  If an infection develops then it could result in additional amputation and this time above the knee accordingly to the doctor.  As a side note, the damage was caused because I walked too much on the prosthetics helping to take a truck load of furniture, goods, etc. for the victims of the Paradise, CA fire.  So many of the people are still homeless and living out of tents and trailers.  I asked Linda what she thought about putting PYUR Vitality on the wound.  After discussing we concluded with if we can ingest it, then it should be fine.  I then proceeded to use this wonderful nectar as a topical solution every 4 - 5 hours directly onto the wound area.  It has now been about 3 1/2 days and the WOUND IS ABOUT 95% gone ---- AMAZING ---- MIRACULOUS!!!!!!!!  Prior to this, anytime I had such a wound, I would have to stop walking for a minimum of 2 - 3 weeks while it healed.  This is visual proof how this wonderful drink can help the body.  We can just imagine what it is doing for the parts of our body which we cannot see.

    For the past several years I would start sweating even with minor exertion, such as washing dishes, vacuuming,  or going up and down the staircase.  I started taking PYUR Vitality on June 26th.  I just noticed a week or two ago that I no longer have these sweat episodes.  I have even been able to join Linda in her daily walks (me in my wheelchair), going about 3 - 5 miles per day and have had no sweats. 

    >I was born with Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) which affected many aspects of my life.  While a teenager, I noticed that I was having more and more difficulty playing the guitar.  It got to a point where I lost most of  the dexterity in my hands even though my upper body was/is very strong.  I have not been able to even button my shirts or pick up a coin without scooping it for about 50 years.  The other day I dropped a quarter on the floor and was able to pick it up like a normal person.  Linda dropped her jaw with amazement and I began to get tears in my eyes due to the joy that overwhelmed me.

    God bless PYUR Life and the scientists, doctors, and the entire organization for getting this product to market.

    *Results not typical.  Product has not been tested or developed for wound care. 

    Linda Sheldon*

    On Easter Sunday of 2019 (also my birthday), the above picture was taken.  I weighed over 250 lbs.  I was very frustrated with my weight as I had difficulty finding clothes I like that would fit.  Also, I had trouble sitting in a booth at restaurants.  Having a sedentary job as an accountant, it was difficult to find time to move let alone having the energy to do so after a long day at the office.  On July 1, 2019, I weighed myself at 250.2 and then took my first drink of PYUR Vitality.  Within a few days I started to notice that I had more energy, I was able to have much more stamina, and the side affect was unexpected.  I started losing weight.  On September 1st, my weight was 203.1 --- I lost a total of 47.1 pounds  and 25.25 total inches in exactly two months!

    In the last couple of weeks, I started getting compliments on how my skin looks much more radiant.  I then started looking more closely at myself.  I realized that the crepe skin on my arms was fading and the cottage cheese look on my face were practically gone.  I was shocked as is another result I had not expected.  I will continue to take this wonderful drink each day.

    *Results not typical.  Product has not been tested or developed for burn or wound care. 

  • Donna*

    I have had a condition from Feb 2015 which affects my joints causing extreme discomfort and swelling.   A year and a half ago I had to quit my job as all I could do was lay on the couch. I was tired, week, and lethargic I had no energy to even get up and get myself a drink of water.

    I heard about PYUR Vitality and ordered a case.  Knowing the shipment was on its way I stopped all my steroids and other drugs as I wanted a pure experience to see if I obtained any benefit from the product.*  After a couple of days of taking the PYUR Vitality I started feeling a warm sensation in my leg.  I had been told the stem cells go to the area of greatest need so was comforted in knowing something was happening in my body.  Within three days I started dreaming in vivid color!

    Because I hadn't been able to go into a deep sleep for so long due to the extreme discomfort I had not dreamed in years.  My discomfort level was an 8 (sometimes spiking to a 10).  Prior to taking PYUR Vitality my knees would have so much fluid that I had to have them drained which was excruiating! I dragged one leg when I walked and my balance was unsteady. My hands were drawn into claws into my chest and I could only take baby steps.

    After a week my discomfort level went to around a 3. By the end of the month my discomfort level was barely a 1.  I could walk faster, no longer dragged my leg,  didn't have any fluid build up to be drained in my knees, I could raise my arms over my head and didn't have my hands drawn to my chest.  I walked normal and had increased energy. Im 64 and the texture of my skin has change clearer and brighter in my face.
    And that's not all! I was able to return to work as a Nurse’s Assistant running up and down 2 flights of stairs taking care of a 94 year old.

    I want to thank the creators of Pyur Life.  My life has begun again.

    *Results not typical.  Product has not been tested or developed for burn or wound care.

  • Elanor

    I started using PYUR Vitality June 21, 2019.   After about 21 uses of the product, I noticed the normal muscle aches and discomfort I experienced after a workout disappeared.   Eric noticed that his nails were no longer splitting and breaking.  They are now growing thick, long, with white tips, and in need of frequent clipping.  Eric commented that his nails now look like they did when he was younger as in high school and college.

    September 9, 2019 after 56 uses, I had a deep dental cleaning.  I was told they would use Cetacaine, a topical liquid to numb my gums.  Should I experience any pain after that, I could receive a shot.

    During the almost two hour long procedure I did not experience pain requiring a shot.  I did feel a quick prick like that of a needle around about three teeth that were numbed with more Cetacaine.   Once the additional Cetacaine was applied it was smooth sailing.

    The Hygienist and Dentist were shocked that I did not need more medicine for pain!  They explained no patient lasts through that type of cleaning without requesting additional pain relief.  They also noted that the gums were pink, not red,  puffy, or bleeding as they had been July 17th, which was still in the time frame of 21 uses.

    Drinking PYUR Vitality was the only thing we did differently in our health regiment.

  • Mike

    Hi, I am Mike Leggett and I am seventy-three years old and I have been taking the PYUR Vitality since June 2019 and have received remarkable results. I have experienced improved mobility within thirty minutes of taking PYUR Vitality. I went from agony to ecstasy. PYUR Vitality has also improved my blood sugar readings, which I take twice a day and I am now consistently in the normal range. Thank You PYUR Vitality!

  • Sherry and Ed

    Prior to receiving Pyur Vitality around 4pm every day I was drained of energy and dragged through the rest of day. The first time I tried the Pyur Vitality it was around 3pm. I went to the store and purchased some curtains. At 10pm I was still ironing and hanging curtains without feeling tired!

    I had not been able to walk the beach that I so love doing as I had great discomfort on the top of my foot. My eleventh day of of using the product the foot discomfort was totally gone and I power walked 20 blocks on the beach! I hadn't power walked in years! The foot discomfort never returned.

    Two months after starting Pyur Vitality without thinking I came down the stairs of my second story home in normal fashion without hobbling down for fear of my knee giving out. I looked back up the stairs in surprise and yelled out "well look what I just did!" I now go up and down stairs without hesitation.

    I'm so grateful to be introduced to this life transforming product and look forward to all the other amazing results I'm going to receive. I also will never tire of rejoicing with others as I hear their testimonies! Blessings, Sherry Colton

    My blood sugar numbers on my A1C came down from 8.2 to 7.2 after 12 bottles in 12 days. My severe toe ache condition is gone. My metabolism increased dramatically as I lost 7 pounds in 10 days without changing my diet. Gratefully, Ed Colton

  • The Sharbaugh's

    Hi I'm Sandra Sharbaugh, my husband Richard and my 94 year old mother, Gladys, that lives with us.  We want to share our Pyur Vitality story with you!

    From an injury I had extreme discomfort in my right knee and leg for 8 months. I went to chiropractors and took various pain and topical treatments.  After 6 week using Pyur Vitallity all discomfort disappeared and never returned at all. I am now experiencing great overall well being, sleep and energy to help me care for my husband and mother that requires a lot of time and energy.

    My husband, Richard, suffered a heart attack requiring 4 bypasses and an aortic valve replacement in November 2017. His primary care doctor, cardiologist and pharmacist gave permission for Richard to start taking Pyur Vitality. His echo cardiogram shows after being on product two and a half months that he now has no congestive heart failure where prior to starting Pyur Vitality the cardiologist was concerned about heart failure.  His high cholesterol is now in normal range. In addition, the ophthamologist was talking surgery for Richard's eyes for a waffle effect over the eye. The doctor did an echo test on Richard's eyes two months after starting the product and one eye went from 20/40 to 20/20 and the other eye went from 20/60 to 20/50. There is no more talk of eye surgery!

    My mother Gladys, echo cardiogram was so good the cardiologist had never seen her heart this good since January, 2018! She has been taken off one high blood pressure medicine. Gladys has been on high dosage pain medicine for over 20 years for arthritis and stomach pains. She is now off ALL pain medications! She is no longer taking an acid reflux meds plus several other medications have now been discontinued. Used topically on bed sores they dried up in 3 days and health practitioners were amazed.  Prior to taking Pyur Vitality in June, Gladys was in critical condition and almost passed away 3 different times. She is now walking on her own again, gaining back lost weight, joking and has her sweet personality returned.

    I just want to note Richard took a whole bottle of Pyur Vitality every day, however Mom and I took only HALF a bottle each. We will never ever be off this product!!!

  • Veronica's Skin Care

    Hi, my name is Veronica Carter. Several months ago I had a suspicious spot appear and I was concerned. I told Sherry Colton about it and she gave me a bottle of Pyur Vitality to try on it. I poured it on a cotton ball and applied over the area with adhesive.  After 8 days it went from an ugly growth to now what just looks like a freckle! Thank you Pyurlife!

  • Melissa from Florida

    I have been using Pyur Vitality and experiencing amazing results. 

    I have typically worked about 70 hours per week most of my life. I work as a manager  in a busy restaurant. Recently, I started to not feel well when I worked 70 hours per week. I started to realize I was getting older and I just couldn’t do what I did in my 20’s and 30’s anymore. I then had to start cutting back on working as often as possible.  After I worked three ,12 hour shifts, I had to rest… after working those 3 days, I would be drained from all energy…. even though I eat healthy and take vitamins, supplements ,and stimulants. 

    So now that I have been using Pyur Vitality , I  noticed within a few days that I was more focused and feeling energetic and not stressed out.. every day that has gone by… I have been able to do more and more. I worked six ,12 hour shifts i,n a row  recently and I still felt great. I felt great mentally and physically. I was running and jumping around the restaurant. I used to run and jump around there several years ago… then I started to get tired.. now I feel like a teenager again and I am able to work like a teenager. Pyur Vitality has changed my life for the better.  I would never be able to do what I am doing and not be tired,stressed out or in pain. I can’t wait to see what happens after using the Pyur Vitality on a long term basis. Thank you Pyur Vitality, I am so happy that I can work again with such youthful energy and vitality.

  • Vitality is the most paramount product for your cellular health. You are the sum of your trillions of cells. If you support your cellular health you stay healthy, feel alive and are the pure definition of Vitality. Your cells are searching for support to work together in perfect harmony. Let Vitality be your answer to optimum cellular health. Live an active life and find your fountain of youth!

  • PYUR Vitality™ Works

    Supports healthy mitochondrial activity

  • Cellular Level Empowerment

    Supports a natural healthy cleaning process

  • Restoration, Repair and Rejuvenation

    Promotes healthy stem cell production

  • Natural Production

    Helps promote hormonal balance and homeostasis

  • Build a Healthy Long Life

    Support healthy telomere function.

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What are mitochondria?
Power up your cells

Inside each cell is a whole new ecosystem. The machinery of the cell includes protein factories, the energy powerhouse, the command center, and a packaging and distribution center. These cellular parts are collectively called organelles- “little organs” since they resemble our major organs in how they contribute to the whole. The energy powerhouse is the mitochondria. This is the furnace by which life derives cellular energy in the molecular form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Oxygen in the air you breathe is delivered to each cell via your blood along with the nutrients from the foods you eat. Mitochondria are believed to have originally derived from bacteria trapped inside primitive cells. You get yours from your mother’s side of your heritage. When the oxygen and nutrients are efficiently converted to ATP, all goes well. When your diet or poor lifestyle choices negatively affect that energy production, you feel tired, develop brain fog, and dis-ease can set in. If a cell is deprived of oxygen for too long, it either dies or mutates when energy is insufficient. Despite what any expert might say to the contrary, your diet and lifestyle are integral to any and all medical conditions with which one might be afflicted. Pyurlife Vitality delivers the synergistic blend of nutrients to the mitochondria and the other organelles using a patented nano technology.

What are Stem Cells?
Regenerate and Repair

Cells develop into organs and specialized structures. From where do they derive? Initially, all cells are primitive cells with the potential to become any specialized cell. As a baby develops and comes to form in a recognizable embodiment, cells are rapidly multiplying and specializing. Some cells remain unspecialized so that new cell lines can develop or replace damaged cells, even into old age. These remain dormant until a need for healing calls them forth.

Life begins at the moment a sperm and an egg are united. Any other determination is an arbitrary statement. This has nothing to do with politics or judicial decisions but is Natural Law. The product of the first many cell divisions as one cell becomes two then four (then billions of cells and ultimately trillions) are stem cells until the environment they find themselves induces their genetic potential to become brain or spleen or bone, etc. As adults, we need stem cells to transform where needed to replace cells damaged by ultraviolet wavelengths of lights, man-made pollution, poor lifestyle choices such as cigarette smoking or lacking exercise, injuries, or infectious causes. In basic description, there are only five “things” that get us: genetic things, metabolic things, toxic things, infectious things, or traumatic things. Stem cells, along with our hormones, help us heal from these things. Pyurlife Vitality supports healthy stem cell activity.

What are hormones?
Balance and Stabilize

Hormones are proteins produced in glands which are then transported to other areas of the body where it has the effects it is designed to produce. We depend on two hormones for survival: insulin and adrenalin. Other hormones include the sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone. Thyroid hormone is needed to maintain a healthy metabolism. The king of hormones, though is Human Growth Hormone. Produced in the pituitary gland, the master gland, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is required by infants and children to grow to maturity. In adults, HGH is needed to heal injuries, support cellular regeneration and maintaining healthy organs and tissues. Somatotropin (another name for HGH) helps one lose body fat, build muscle mass, maintain healthy skin and hair, and supports healthy sexual function. Pyurlife Vitality supports healthy HGH activity.

What are telomeres?
Protect your DNA

The cell nucleus contains your DNA, the genetic material that provides the playing field that when put into your environment acts on your genetics through the biochemistry of epigenetics, makes you, YOU! Every time a cell divides, the DNA must unravel to be duplicated. DNA is found in your chromosomes in your cells’ nuclei. Telomeres are repeating sequences of DNA at the ends of the DNA strands that keep the chromatin from fusing together which would prevent cell replication. Think of the telomere like an aglet on your shoelaces. Every time a cell divides, you can lose a DNA sequence at the telomere. When you run out of aglet, the DNA can come unwound and be destroyed and you die. Telomerase is an enzyme used to repair the telomeres. However, telomerase may not be able to keep up with repairs, especially as we age. Pyurlife Vitality supports healthy telomeres and is therefore an excellent antiaging supplement.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is QDS?

    QDS stands for Quintessential Delivery System. QDS is used to activate and deliver the highest quality active ingredients exactly where they can be used by our cells.

  • What is PYUR Vitality?

    PYUR Vitality is an all-natural health product formulated to give us vitality and natural healing to our aging cells. It's a breakthrough in cellular science.

  • When is the best time to drink PYUR Vitality?

    Most drink PYUR Vitality first thing in the morning but anytime can benefit your cellular health. Drink the entire 2oz. bottle 1-2x per day. Shake well. You can refrigerate if you wish.

    *Please note: If you have blood sugar issues best to take with food.

  • Can I add Vitality to juice or other beverage?


  • Is there caffeine in PYUR Vitality?

    There is 1mg in PYUR Vitality. Coffee is approximately 95mg for 1 cup.

  • Are there any contraindications with my other medications?

    We have not found any contraindications, but we always recommend that you check with your Dr.

  • What is the shelf life?

    Two years. Expiration dates are on bottom of bottle.

  • How should I store PYUR Vitality?

    Do not store in direct sunlight or intense heat. You can refrigerate if you wish.

  • Is it safe to take every day?

    Yes. There are no harmful ingredients in PYUR Vitality.

  • Where is PYUR Vitality manufactured?

    In the USA at a FDA approved lab with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) practices.

  • What are the list of ingredients?

    Our ingredients can be found here.

  • Is PYUR Vitality sold in stores?

    PYUR Vitality is exclusively formulated by and for PYUR Life.

  • What age should you start using PYUR Vitality?

    18 years old.

  • Can I give PYUR Vitality to my pets?

    We formulated PYUR Vitality for human consumption. You can check with your veterinarian if you desire.

  • How does PYUR Vitality impact cellular health?

    Learn how by clicking here.

  • Are there long term benefits?

    Yes. As your cells continue to improve so does your health.

  • Is this an FDA approved product?

    The FDA does not approve any natural products. They only approve pharmaceutical drugs.

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